Our Services

PUMA Brokers offers Services related to the sale and purchase of Yachts. Our professionals will help you close your deal without having to worry about anything, we take care of everything.

Services for the Buy-Sale

Discover the services we provide to allow you to sell at best and make the most of your Yacht. Good preparation can help you sell faster and better.

Analysis and Preparation

Market analysis of the “true” values of the transactions, we are not limited to a simple survey on Portals! Tips on preparing the yacht for the best sales result


Drafting of marketing material after identifying the strengths of the offer, production of Professional Media including photo & video shooting (also with drone) for online & social publication

Documentation and Assistance

Preliminary analysis of sales documentation, legal assistance and management of preliminary agreements and contact with the buyer.

Do you want to buy a yacht?

  • We help you to identify your next boat: whether it is in our listing or can be found on the market rather than among unannounced “dormant offers” or proposals from trusted Colleagues in the World
  • An exhaustive visit (Us before you!):Our yachts are inspected and if possible tested, before you ask us to do it! It will seem normal to you, but IT IS NOT ALWAYS THIS!
  • Virtual or physical visits on board: if you cannot reach us on the yacht, we can connect online for a remote session, show you the STATUS of the yacht, to provide you with the most recent and updated view possible!
  • Preliminary agreements: We are able to offer you balanced preliminary agreements with the Seller, in various languages, customized from time to time, the result of over twenty years of experience, which protect the interests of the parties. A clear contract eliminates 99.99% of pre or post sales discussions!
  • Pre-purchase checks: We identify the best experts, both for the TECHNICAL and DOCUMENTAL PART. More and more today the second can be a source of problems. The boat must not only be BEAUTIFUL and WORKING, but also have ALL THE DOCUMENTATION IN ORDER !!!
  • Ownership transfers: Our affiliated agencies, in Italy but also abroad, also show off, like us, over ten years of experience in completing the bureaucracy after the sale.
  • Legal Assistance:For the most complex cases, we collaborate with law firms specialized in international maritime law, with the support of which we can have complete security even in less simple transactions
  • After-sales & Management: We can provide you with complete after-sales support, both at an organizational and management level, after agreeing on annual budgets and maintenance standards for a SATISFYING and SURPRISES-FREE nautical experience!
  • Project management: If your goal is to develop and/or build your yacht, custom or not, we are happy to put at your disposal, our technical and commercial experience in negotiating GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS, LAYOUT, SPECIFICATIONS, CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS, of your next yacht, as well as REPRESENT YOU in the execution of the agreements.

The yacht of your dreams?

Are you looking for a particular model? Or a Yacht to select according to your needs? Contact us, we will monitor the markets for you and thanks to our contacts with other professionals we will find the most suitable solution for you!

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